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  • Debugging Android NativeScript WebViews


    The Problem Trying to implement a Three.js library in an app I needed to use a WebView and hit a problem when I tested it on Android. Although it work ... More ...

  • Add More Git Commands


    Every now and then I find a super helpful nugget that I wish I'd known about long ago which is good because it's so simple. Extending the git cli is o ... More ...

  • Svelte Native - First Impressions


    Svelte Like anyone with a passing interest in front end technologies I've come across the new hotness known as Svelte. It's so simple and pleasant to ... More ...

  • Using Git Submodules


    I was never happy including blog posts with this blog's main repo. It's the easiest way to work but content and architecture should really be separate ... More ...

  • Simple ASP.NET Auth (Update)


    A few months ago I put together a simple starter project for ASP.NET authorisation without any dependencies or configuration setup requirements. The m ... More ...

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