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  • Exploring The DotNet Command


    I've been using the new dotnet command in my workflow for a little while (anyone that's made the switch to .NET Core will soon realise you can't stay ... More ...

  • TeamCity Linux Setup


    Another one in my .NET / Linux series :-) So, TeamCity seems to be the de facto build server in the .NET world and we want install it on Linux. I thou ... More ...

  • Headless Front End Testing on Linux using F# and Canopy


    I've been following F# for a while but it's only recently started appearing in my workflow for serious work. I'm not a good F# programmer at all but I ... More ...

  • Calling F# from C# in Xamarin Studio


    I've been using Xamarin Studio for some time and now use it daily for my work with Mono. I've also been dabbling a bit in F# and have been keen to sta ... More ...

  • Real World ASP.NET Core Linux Example


    Anyone who's been reading my stuff knows one of my motivations is to provide documentation that is otherwise lacking for getting .NET to run on Linux. ... More ...

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