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  • DotNet Test With NUnit


    I wrote a post a few weeks ago Exploring The DotNet Command about ... well anyway one of the commands mentioned was the test command which is what thi ... More ...

  • ASP.NET Core SSL from Development to Production


    You pretty have to use SSL these days but getting started with ASP.NET Core was a bit of a challenge for me. As usual I had to scour the net for bits ... More ...

  • Simple ASP.NET Auth


    .NET Core has been with us for a while now and I was someone who did a fair bit of work with it early on. I was keen to use it as MVC on Mono came wit ... More ...

  • Exploring The DotNet Command


    I've been using the new dotnet command in my workflow for a little while (anyone that's made the switch to .NET Core will soon realise you can't stay ... More ...

  • TeamCity Linux Setup


    Another one in my .NET / Linux series :-) So, TeamCity seems to be the de facto build server in the .NET world and we want install it on Linux. I thou ... More ...

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