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  • Awk Is Easy To Use


    The problem Unfortunately a lot of coding is dealing with boilerplate - assigning getters and setters to all the properties of a class for example. An ... More ...

  • RESTful APIs With DreamFactory


    The Problem Most of the programming I have done over the past twenty years has been writing boring line of business applications and it's probably wha ... More ...

  • .NET Debugging Using Vim On Apple Silicon Machine


    I've mostly been using Vim for my development work recently. I have a JetBrains subscription but hopping between IDEs felt like overkill and I wanted ... More ...

  • WordPress With Tailwind Made Simple


    Embracing WordPress Anyone acquainted with web development knows about the ubiqity of WordPress. Finding every other website I visit being powered by ... More ...

  • Debugging Android NativeScript WebViews


    The Problem Trying to implement a Three.js library in an app I needed to use a WebView and hit a problem when I tested it on Android. Although it work ... More ...

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