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  • Mono Linux Rollback


    A quick post this one but like my others it's a useful personal documentation exercise for an issue I've had to deal with. Mono runs pretty smoothly o ... More ...

  • ASP.NET Mono Setup (or Mono Linux Setup Part 2)


    This is the second entry of my posts on working with .NET (Mono) on Linux. The first installment showed how to install Mono on Linux and execute a ver ... More ...

  • Mono Linux Setup


    I started playing around with Linux a couple of years ago as I had some customer requirements that didn't fit with Windows. It was soon after that I d ... More ...

  • What's Happened to IronPython?


    I submitted a post about the lack of variety of languages for the .NET platform and mentioned the Iron languages project which includes IronPython. Th ... More ...

  • .NET Needs More Languages


    It's well known Java's JVM and .NET's CLR are the principle rival VMs in the enterprise world but the JVM also has a decent adoption by startups too. ... More ...

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